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Our consultants bring a mix of expertise that is critical to tackling wicked problems. Our success is driven by our ability to identify and assess challenges seen and unseen, think creatively about solutions, leverage the full diversity of our team, and use technology to stay efficient. Whether working with non-profit, government, healthcare, academic, or industry partners, our team is committed to delivering exceptional quality and value to all our clients. We invite you to explore each of our core areas of expertise below.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Most companies tout having DE&I initiatives. However, DE&I is more than having anti-discrimination training and policies. Exceptional companies see diversity in all its forms as part of their competitive advantage. They also work to incorporate it at every level of the business, positively impacting employees, vendors, customers, and other partners.

Our team has expertise in developing agency and state supplier diversity policy; EEO/diversity plans and policy; and diversity, equity, and inclusion training for state and federal partners. Our consultants can evaluate your organization’s existing diversity programming and training, identify opportunities to expand training offerings, recommend policy and practice changes, and provide support to senior leaders. Let us help you make your company an exceptional employer and partner!


With over 700,000 management consulting firms globally, you have plenty of options from which to choose. There’s usually not a question about whether there are firms that can do the work. However, when considering firms in the past, your team probably has questioned whether the experience with the selected firm will be positive, the firm will share in your company’s values, and the deliverables will meet your standards for quality and timeliness.

Our team consists of experienced project and program managers who have worked in various sectors and overseen projects of all sizes and budgets. Additionally, our team has helped companies secure contracts and grants, develop and implement policies and programs, identify and recruit key personnel and other staff, and facilitate strategic partnerships. What are some ways we can help your company grow? Let us know!

-Program, Project & Proposal Management
-Business & Proposal Development
-Policy Development & Implementation Support
-Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement
-Organizational Change Management
-Clinical Decision Support & Job Aid Development


Each year, our team develops hundreds of trainings and provides technical assistance to various audiences. We develop and deliver training to K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students; academicians; community members and leaders; employees at different levels of their organizations and in various industries; and executive leaders. Given that many of our consultants are leaders in their fields, they also share their expertise at conferences throughout the year.

Our team of content experts and instructional designers can assist you in taking your training idea to a fully-developed training with learning objectives, interactive activities, knowledge checks, and a full evaluation. Whether you need help developing and implementing training that’s in-person, synchronous live training, or delivered via your company’s learning management system, let our team WOW your audience!

-Training & Curricula Development
-Retreat & Workshop Facilitation
-Technical Assistance
-Speaker Identification & Management
-Workshop Registration Management
-Program Evaluation
-Technical Writing & Editing


Our team includes PhD-level subject matter experts in areas such as health, education, social science, policy, workforce development, and economics. The depth of our team’s understanding of a study’s contextual environment allows us to make informed recommendations throughout the research lifecycle.

Whether you need assistance applying for a grant, implementing a research study, planning and developing surveys and data collection systems, or improving the quality of your study, our team can help. We can also assist you in communicating your research results to professionals, government officials, and lay audiences through traditional and social media channels.

-Methodology & Study Design
-Training & Technical Assistance
-Research Project Management
-Database & Systems Development
-Data Analysis
-Quality Improvement Assessments
-Research & Policy Briefs
-Marketing of Research Results
-Presentation Preparation

Data Analytics

Over the next 20 years, it is anticipated that the convergence of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, high speed communications and biotechnology and the increasing use of big data will not only drive technological and business advancements but improve our understanding of the social and behavioral sciences as well. Therefore, organizations must be able to unpack and understand the data they collect from consumers, employees, vendors, students, patients, and others and use it to achieve a competitive advantage.

Our team of data scientists have extensive expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, predictive analytics, conversational AI, and genomic research. Not only do they bring this technical expertise to their work, but they are also able to help companies address the bias in data-driven decision making that prevents them from connecting fully with various demographics. Additionally, this team offers training in data analytics, to include training to improve the diversity of the data science workforce.


Our team of consultants include industry-recognized and award-winning event planners that create extraordinary events that inspire and leave lasting, positive memories. Whether you’re looking to plan a family reunion, health fair, wedding, book or album release party, in-person or virtual workshop or conference, or other type of event, our team can take your vision and make it a reality. Our resourceful team of professionals can help you select a site, identify vendors and speakers, manage logistics, and market your event, among other services. What event(s) can we plan for you?

-Strategy & Program Development
-Site Selection
-Marketing & Communications
-Event Budgeting & Tracking
-Speaker & Vendor Identification
-Speaker & Vendor Management
-Website & Registration Management
-Logistics & On-Site Management
-Event Evaluation


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